Additional printing costs
and other costs:
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Additional printing costs and other costs

Additional costs:

Screen and pad printing: € 59,25 per colour, Express screen and pad printing: € 68,25, Repeat orders screen and pad printing: € 40,50 per colour, Digital printing: € 74,25 CMYK, Express digital printing: € 85,50, Doming: € 74,25 CMYK, Laser engraving: € 74,25


Reproduction and graphic jobs charged according to time, if no reproducible copy 1:1 is provided: € 1,35 per min.

Proof print:

Sample on approval screen and pad printing: € 84,00

Sample digital printing and doming: € 74,25

Sample on approval for laser engraving: € 74,25

Notepad boxes:

Imprinted notepad boxes without paper have to be sealed individually to protect them against scratches: € 0,11 per pcs.

If not sealed in, no complaints will be accepted.

For little quantities or if packed loosely, no complaints regarding scratches will be accepted.


It is not possible to complain about scratches, which can appear on transparent and coloured plastics due to production reasons.

If goods need to be handled manually, surcharge: € 29,25 per hour


Export carton € 1,65 per carton

Distribution delivery:

For a distribution delivery we are going to charge € 6,75 per adress for the shipping documents, lables and delivery notes.


Packing in polybags:

  1 -  49 pcs.: € 0,11 per bag

 50 -  99 pcs.: € 0,21 per bag

100 - 300 pcs.: € 0,32 per bag

Article, packed in polybag or single carton will be only repacked after printing, if really necessary.


Printers copies:

Must be vectorised as EPS-, PDF-, CDR- or AI-file for PC

Printing size:

Minimum size of type 8 points or 2 mm

Printing location:

If no details on location of publicity texts are made or if the required location cannot be used for technical reasons, we will place the text at a location that is suitable from our technical point of view.

White background:

Please remember that the print colours will only come out faithfully on a white background.

If we don‘t print first in white colour on the coloured items we can‘t accept any complaints about printing colour differences!

Deviations for plastic:

Is reserved due to technical reasons.

Special designs:

We can produce injection moulds for you. Price on request.

Special colours:

We produce our items (see stickers "Made in Germany") also in special colours as well as recycling material – minimum quantity on request.

Collective orders:

No reducing prices to collective or sales orders with different publicity texts.


All prices in the catalogue don‘t include costs for prints. Price incl. print only if specially note. All prices net - valid until revoked.

Subject to our conditions of sale and payment which are hereby acknowledged, unless agreed differently in writing.

Price increase:

If the prices for raw material increase above the average we have the right to adjust the price. The prices of import articles base on the US dollar of October 2017, we have the right to change the prices if the rate fluctuate rapidly.


Ex works Germany, packaging and insurance excluded

Partial deliveries:

Are possible and admissible. Any partial deliveries will be paid subject to the terms of payment agreed upon.

Technical details:

Technical details to products as well as design, form, colour and pack units are subject to change.

Printing faults:

We reserve the right to change wrong prices caused by mistakes and printing faults in the catalogue.

Discontinued stock:

Delivery for discontinued stock (see stickers "Auslaufartikel / Discontinued stock -30%") only while stocks last.



Standard printing colours:

white, red (approx. HKS 14K), green (approx. HKS 57K), blue (approx. HKS 44K), yellow (approx. HKS 4K), orange (approx. HKS 10K), silver, gold, cyan, magenta, yellow, black

Article colours full colours own production "Made in Germany":

0 = white, 1 = red (approx. HKS 14K), 2 = green (approx. HKS 57K), 3 = blue (approx. HKS 44K), 4 = yellow (approx. HKS 4K), 5 = orange (approx. HKS 10K), S9 = pink (approx. HKS 27K), 6 = black

Article colours full colours:

0 = white, 1 = red, 2 = green, 3 = blue, 4 = yellow, 5 = orange, 6 = black

Article colours transparent:

T1 = transparent-red, T2 = transparent-green, T3 = transparent-blue, T4 = transparent-yellow, T5 = transparent-orange, T6 = transparent-black, 7 = transparent-clear

Article colours frost:

F1 = frosted-red, F2 = frosted-green, F3 = frosted-blue, F4 = frosted-yellow, F5 = frosted-orange, F6 = frosted-black, F7 = frosted-transparent, FK3 = cobalt blue

Article colours neon:

12 = neon-red, 13 = neon-green, 10 = neon-yellow, 11 = neon-orange

Article colours others:

S = silver, G = gold, S1 = bordeaux, S4 = purple, S6 = beige, S7 = grey, S9 = pink, 3H = light blue


After each order the screens are removed and charged again for repeat or new orders.

Colors are approximate

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